Foods That Make You Poop

by Bradley Scott on September 3, 2014

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Foods that Aid In Constipation and Help You Poop

Constipation Cure with Foods

Here are some foods that will make you poop:

Constipation is a serious illness. If you want to be healthy and have normal bowel movements, you must eat a healthy selection of the right foods that can aid you in your bowel movements. Constipation will get worse if it is not properly and swiftly dealt with. If you want to live a healthy life, you should have a balanced diet rich in nutrients and variety. For us suffers of constipation it’s not just as easy as “eating healthy”; we have to eat the right types of foods too.

My top 5 list of foods:

1.    Fruits always make my lists as they are awesome for facilitating good movements- Fruits are rich in fiber, which is very essential for  proper digestion. The outer layer (skin) of some fruits contains more fiber than the inner layer so if you like grapes, apples and such, you are in luck. Be sure to eat the outer layer as well; many people use a knife to cut open fruit and eat the internal parts only. Add or keep fruit in your diet; it will help give you pain free bowel movements.

2.    Grains- Grains are rich in fats which are difficult to digest. But they are the natural high fiber foods, which keeps your digestive system stable. So add a moderate amount of fats to your diet. We don’t want to rob Peter to pay Paul by giving our digestive system issue to help us poop, however a certain amount of grains can be beneficial.

3.    Green leafy vegetables are best for proper digestive function- Green vegetables are rich in fiber. Things like kale, lettuce, collard greens and broccoli can really be a positive staple to your diet.

4.    Fluids are very important for the proper function of the body – Fluids like water and juices improves your digestive system. Drinking plenty of water prevents dehydration and removes harmful toxins from the body. Oddly enough, there are a ton of people who don’t follow this rule and drink minimal amounts of water a day. Water and juices makes the stool softer, which are easy to pass free from pain and discomfort. Believe it or not, basic ol’ water is one of the best remedies for constipation. (continue reading below)


5.    Legumes are a little hidden gem of mine; harder to find, but very good for the diet. Quite simply they are classified as dried vegetables that contain a pod (think lentils). These are very good for the digestive system, yum!

Fiber foods and fruits are essential for the body. It makes your digestive system work properly (as intended). Keeping a variety of foods in your diet that make you poop is an essential first step to your relief. Also, try and avoid processed foods; processed foods are harmful for the body in general but it also worsens the condition of  a constipated patient.  A good rule of thumb is to try and eat natural foods, if you want to be healthy and fit. A helpful tip is to remember that if a food can be eaten raw then it is more than likely friendly on the digestive system.

Apart from a healthy and balanced diet, try to do some exercising; exercise has be proven to improve the digestive system in even small amounts. Perform exercises that help you work up a decent sweat, as sweating removes the harmful acids and toxins from the body. Working out only 3 times in a week for 30 meeger minutes will prove to be highly beneficial. In addition to dietary changes a healthy lifestyle is another facet to focus on to keep your bowel movements regular.
Keep in mind that you want to stay away from foods that are high in dry content, like bread or bagels and things of that nature. Processed foods are another big no no, this is the opposite of the type of foods you want for the purpose of bowel movements, these are foods that will bind you and cause constipation. Foods that lack vitamins are another tell-tell sign that you should stay away from them. Although coffee is well known to help you go to the bathroom TOO much coffee can have the opposite affect and clog you up so try not to over do your coffee intake. Tea on the other hand can be enjoyed in larger quantities as if you get the herbal caffeine free kind it will not plug you up.

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